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Welcome to Warrington Certification, a world leader in providing certification in support of fire safety and security

With over 25 years experience, we have a long tradition of successfully delivering our certification services to a vast array of clients who specify, manufacture, install, assess or maintain fire protection products and systems.

The drive for third party certificated products, systems and services is stronger now than it ever has been before, with increased industry support and regulatory recommendation it is becoming a must have when tendering for work.

Voluntary Certification Schemes

We have a comprehensive program of voluntary independent third party certification schemes.


CERTIFIRE for manufacturers and suppliers - this scheme assures performance, quality, reliability and traceability of fire protection products and systems. The CERTIFIRE brand is recognised by many regulatory authorities worldwide as an international mark of fire safety. It is delivered in several countries throughout the world.

FIRAS for installation contractors - this scheme has been instrumental in improving standards of passive and active fire protection product and system installation. FIRAS is the mark of endorsement of competency in the installation of products and systems, vital for acheiving the protection required.

FRACS for fire risk assessors - this scheme identifies fire risk assessors who have been assessed for their competence to complete high quality fire risk assessments. The requirement to conduct regular fire risk assessments is essentially the responsibility of any owner, manager, employer or occupier of any complex facility in order to provide safety for those that utilise the facility. In the UK it is a legal requirement of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order to maintain such as assessment for any building.


CERTISECURE for manufacturers and suppliers - this scheme offers end users confidence in a products performance to deliver property protection and public safety. In the UK, CERTISECURE supports the police sponsored 'Secured by Design' initiative.

Mandatory Certification Schemes

In addition to our voluntary schemes, we also operate as a Notified Certification Body able to provide certification in support of the following European Directives:

Marine Equipment Directive (MED) - to issue certification to manufacturers for fire protection products resulting in Wheelmark Certification for Europe and USCG Approval for USA.

Construction Products Directive (CPD) - We support the attestation of conformity products by certification against the essential requirements of harmonised European Norms (hEN's) in support of CE Marking. We are the only European Technical Approval Issuing Body that specialises exclusively in the Certification of Fire Protection Products and Systems.

Other Services

Site Inspection Services - An independent inspection service in support of fire safety, providing confidence to regulators, enforcement authorities, contractors, owners, managers and users of the adequacy of fire protection measures and confidence that they will perform as anticipated in the event of a fire. Such inspection can ensure compliance with specification or regulation and helps to safeguard against increasing costs and liability.

ISO 9001 - In support of ifs other certification activities accredited quality management certification of companies involved in manufacture and/or application of fire safety or security products can be provided independently by Warrington Certification.

When working in partnership with Warrington Certification, trust, empathy and an intuitive understanding of the requirements are just the beginning of the process. Our dedication and professionalism is second to none and has benefited thousands of clients over the years.