CERTIFIRE - Software Validation

Over several years, Warrington Certification has been asked by a number of its CERTIFIRE clients, whether we would be able validate and certify software that they use to support the application of their certificated products. Primarily, this has been bespoke software developed internally or by a contractor that utilises the results of the assessments produced from fire tests.

Given the diversity of products and approaches involved - e.g. some software represents simple data base 'look-up engines', whilst others may use 'predictive models' based on physical, mathematical or empirical data we have developed a flexible approach to the validation process.

This approach has been 'piloted' on an in depth examination of a piece of 'look up' software used for fire protecting steelwork. It considered how the software worked and then developed a set of rules for determining the accuracy of the software in fulfilling its intended use.

The framework for this type of software validation is now in place and we have developed the necessary procedures and quality documentation to demonstrate to UKAS that their accreditation of such software validation certification is possible and that we can exercise adequate ongoing controls over updates and revisions to maintain its currency.

Accreditation has yet to be issued and is a process that requires us to outline and document our intended approach to the validation of the software depending upon its nature and its complexity. This is done by the development of what we have termed a Software Validation Schedule (SVS), against which the conformity certification can be issued by Warrington Certification following successful validation. The SVS has to be agreed with the client before the process begins.

The resulting certification will not itself be covered by a CERTIFIRE certificate, but the 'Validation Certificate' might have the content given in the attached Sample Certificate

Currently, the scope of the software validation will be limited to products' performances that are covered by CERTIFIRE certification against the appropriate Technical Schedule that adopt British Standards.

Consequently, as a result of the initial examination we are now able to offer validation of similar software to all manufacturers of CERTIFIRE certificated products used for the fire protection of structural steelwork. However, prior to UKAS accreditation, the certification would be non-accredited with revised certificates being provided post accreditation.

It is hoped at a later date to offer a wider application of software validation.

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Certificate VC648

Product: FIRETEX Design Estimator (FDE) 2.0

Products Covered: FIRETEX FX1002/2002, FIRETEX FX5060, FIRETEX FX5120, FIRETEX FX1003/2003, FIRETEX FX5090, FIRETEX FX1000/2000, FIRETEX FX3000/4000, FIRETEX FX5000, FIRETEX FX7000/8000, FIRETEX FX5002, FIRETEX M95

Status: Valid Certificate

Certificate VC649

Product: FIRETEX Design Estimator (FDE) 2.0

Products Covered: FIRETEX FX1002/2002, FIRETEX FX5002, FIRETEX FX5120

Status: Valid Certificate