CERTISECURE - Product Certification in Support of 'Secured by Design'

The security performance of hardware items such as locks, cylinders, handles, indeed the complete doorset and window units themselves, help to protect property and people effectively from burglary. Increasingly, specifiers and end users are concerned that doors and windows can easily be opened by burglars. Manufacturers are striving to improve the security of doorsets and windows to combat this concern.

The police initiative for designing out crime 'Secured by Design' is being widely adapted by the hardware, door and window industry as a way of improving the burglar resistance of their products.

Warrington Certification's CERTISECURE is an independent third party certification scheme in support of 'Secured by Design' that offers enforcement authorities, architects, specifiers and building owners a high level of confidence that products offer an enhanced level of security, whilst at the same time maintaining fitness for purpose.

By actively supporting the 'Secured by Design' initiative, Warrington Certification ensures that the CERTISECURE scheme is kept up-to-date in order to combat the latest methods criminals are employing within this field.

The fundamental benefit of CERTISECURE is seated in giving the regulator, specifier, customer and end-user confidence with regards to the stated performance of the product and provides an informed choice when purchasing or selecting the product.