FIRAS scheme for Fire Resisting Ducting Systems

Fire resisting ducting together with dampers are carefully designed to prevent the spread of fire within a building. Their correct installation and detailing is therefore essential to realising the fire safety performance of the whole building.

Using a FIRAS certificated company ensures that installers, assessed by FIRAS for their competence, will be adequately supervised and will only use the correct products and systems within their tested and approved scope.

FIRAS installers are required to maintain records of every contract undertaken and to inform FIRAS of all contracts so that random inspections of the installation work can be undertaken.

On completion the installing company will issue a certificate of conformity and label their work.

The FIRAS scheme for fire resisting doors and doorsets was developed in conjunction with the Heating and Ventilation Contractor's Association.

Details of companies certificated under the scheme can be found in the Register.