FIRAS scheme for Smoke Control System

The first certification scheme of its kind for smoke control systems has been announced by  Warrington Certification working with the Smoke Control Association.

The scheme provides further credibility for installers of fire safety systems, and reassurance to specifiers and designers of the level of safety being applied.

Phil Sargent, Installer Company Schemes Operations Manager, Warrington Certification, said: “We have developed this scheme in collaboration with the Smoke Control Association to help meet market demand.

“It is becoming increasingly important to provide the highest level of compliance throughout fire safety systems, and this provides the reassurance the market seeks in this respect.”

Will Perkins, chairman of the Smoke Control Association working party on third party certification, emphasised that the scheme is available for all installers large and small. He added: “By attaining this scheme, an installer is demonstrating best practice and adherence to rigorous procedures in regulations and processes in smoke control and fire safety.

“Smoke control is becoming an integral part of fire safety protocols and life-safety critical systems and should not be underestimated. This scheme recognises its place in the development of processes to ensure all appropriate measures are in place when fire safety systems are designed and installed.”

Please contact Will Perkins c/o the Smoke Control Association, via e-mail

The Warrington Certification FIRAS scheme offers voluntary, third party certification for installation contractors of both passive and active fire protection systems, operated by Warrington Certification, and accredited by UKAS to EN45011.

FIRAS certificated contractors are subject to an annual audit of their offices and ongoing, random surveillance site inspections where competence and workmanship are assessed.

Using a FIRAS certificated company ensures that installers, assessed by FIRAS for their competence, will be adequately supervised and will only use the correct products and methods within their tested and approved scope.

FIRAS installers are required to maintain records of every contract undertaken and to inform FIRAS of all contracts so that random inspections of the installation work can be undertaken.

On completion the company will issue a certificate of conformity.

The FIRAS scheme for smoke control system was developed in conjunction with the Smoke Control Association