CE Marking

CE Marking is just one measure that has been established to remove technical barriers to trade in the field of construction products in order to enhance their free movement in the internal market and encourage economic development within member states.

The removal of technical barriers in the field of construction may only be achieved by the creation of harmonised technical specifications for the purposes of assessing the performance of construction products.

Those harmonised technical specifications should include testing, calculation and other means, defined within harmonised standards and European Assessment Documents for assessing performance in relation to the essential mandated characteristics of construction products.

The introduction of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) in July 2013, replacing the Construction Products Declaration (CPD) made it a regulation to CE mark products where it is covered by the scope of the harmonised standard or within the European Assessment Document produced. The CPR lays down obligations for manufacturers, Importers and distributors covering the supply chain of the products, for example CE marking the product, producing a Declaration of Performance against the characteristics being claimed

A European Technical Approval can be produced when no harmonised European product standard (HEN) exists for a product against which conformity and hence CE marking can be based

A European Technical Approval can be granted when any of the following conditions apply:

  • No relevant Harmonised Standards for the product exist.
  • No mandate for such a Standard has been given by the European Commission.
  • The European Commission considers that a Standard cannot be developed yet.
  • A product deviates significantly from the relevant Harmonised Standards

In conjunction with the Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance (which is intended to ensure that the product specification set out in the harmonised technical specifications and the European Technical Approval is maintained by the manufacturer), European Technical Approval's allow manufacturers to place a CE mark on their products.

Warrington Certification is an active member within Europe in the development of Harmonised EN Standards and European Technical Approval documents for a wide range of products, such as Doors, Windows, Glass, Fire Stopping products, Hardware to name a few.