Exova Warringtonfire - mideast certification scheme

The Exova Warringtonfire mideast certification scheme ensures that products tested and assessed are manufactured on a consistent basis and are traceable once supplied to site. The scheme is available for all passive fire protection products.

The scheme gives confidence to specifiers, enforcement authorities and building owners and occupiers in the middle east that products provided by manufacturers are of the same specification as successfully tested/assessed.

The scheme requires manufacturers to produce products/systems to a successfully tested construction, the manufacture of which is regularly audited to ensure consistency of production. The records of manufacture are kept and these are related to labels for each product available solely from Exova Warringtonfire. Each label carries a unique number which is referenced back to the manufactured product enabling full traceability from the site back to the manufacturer's records.

The scope of the certification is based upon the tested and assessed construction and enables the specifier or enforcement authority to check the suitability of a product for the intended end-use application. To access the scope of the listing use the links below to enter via the product type

The Exova Warringtonfire - mideast certification scheme was developed specifically for the Middle East and is operated by Warrington Certification .

The full product approval process document containing the rules and procedures for the scheme can downloaded by clicking here. However, it should be noted that this is under constant review.

CERTIFIRE is voluntary third-party certification, also operated by Warrington Certification , and complies with the requirements of Level 5 certification as specified in ISO/IEC Guide 67:2004, Conformity assessment - Fundamentals of product certification.