Site Inspections

Site Inspections

Warrington Certification (Warrington Certification) is an inspection body offering site inspection services related to installed Fire Protection, both passive and active (sprinkler systems). Warrington Certification does not operate outside of fire protection related work scope as we believe we can offer expertise based on years of experience in the fire protection area of the construction industry backed up by access to further expertise provided by Exova Warringtonfire (one of the worlds leading fire test laboratories) and technical experts with years of testing and technical experience.

Warrington Certification is a fully accredited Inspection Body to BS EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 by UKAS for the scope of installed fire protection. This gives clients the confidence that we are subject to external independent verification of our methods/procedures/processes and that we employ inspectors and management of suitable competence/expertise for the works we undertake and that are truly independent. Warrington Certification operates independently of any commercial influence in all inspection assignments we conduct.

We are able to undertake inspection assignments in existing premises and on live construction projects to satisfy a variety of client requests.

These assignments may be purely a one day "sampling" inspection, a longer term assignment of numerous man-days (possibly continuous site inspection activities on a building/series of buildings possibly over a number of weeks) or a programmed site of inspection visits to a construction project to verify on-going compliance of installed fire protection with project specification as the project progresses.

Warrington Certification offers the facility of detailed inspection reports comprising of a fully detailed area by area/floor by floor inspection report with supporting marked up drawings, photographs (traceable to itemised findings in the report) and tabulated inspection results, or letter reports comprising a summary of findings related to specific areas of the building with the possible inclusion of photographs.

The following aspects of installed fire protection are within the scope of Warrington Certification's expertise:

  • Structural Steel Protection
  • Compartmentation (Including Fire Stopping/Partition Systems/Cavity Barriers)
  • Fire Doorsets (timber/steel/composite/rolling shutter)
  • Glazed Fire Screens
  • Fire Rated Ducting Systems & Fire Dampers
  • Multilayer Paint Inspection
  • Residential and Domestic Sprinkler Systems
  • Commercial and Industrial Sprinkler Systems

In order to satisfy the responsibilities of the Fire Safety Regulatory Reform Order, building owners/operators are continually turning to inspection bodies to conduct inspections of new and existing fire protection installations of new and existing fire protection installations in their buildings to ensure they comply with the requirements of this order and other statuatory requirements, why not use one which is expert in fire protection matters who will give a completely independent, factual, unbiased report on the fire protection of your premises?