Wheelmark / USCG Certification


Warrington Certification is a Notified Body under the Marine Equipment Directive and can provide the necessary Certification and testing to give approval for products for use in European Registered vessels and the right to apply the Wheelmark

The first step for Fire Protection Equipment is to submit a request for services to the Notified Body which must include numerous details of, and documentation relating to the product and its nature dependant on the Modules selected.

The product is then subject to "sample selection" and tested and if the criteria within the Fire Test Procedure Code are met, the Notified Body issues and EC Type Examination Certification. At the same time that the product is selected, the Notified Body (or another if required by the manufacturer) reviews the quality assurance systems of the manufacturer and witnesses the production testing of the equipment.

If the Notified Body is satisfied that the requirements of Modules D, E or F are met, they will then issue a Certificate of Conformity.

On receipt of this and the Type Examination Certificate, the manufacturer himself affixes the Mark of Conformity (Wheelmark) to the product and also issues a Declaration of Conformity.

USCG Approval

In 2005, the signing of an MRA between the European Commission and the USCG meant that a Type Approvals and Quality Audits conducted in Europe would have validity in the USA and visa versa. Certificates are issued which have USCG approval numbers attached.

Other Flag States

Warrington Certification acts under the authority of the Maritime Coastguard Agency. In issuing Type Examination certificates and therefore many (although not all) Flag States recognise the certificates Warrington Certification issue. Warrington Certification has also worked to obtain recognition in its own right with other Flag States and can now act on behalf of Canada in conducting all the preparatory work prior to Canadian Transport issuing its Approvals.

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